You've fallen down the rabbit hole.

But where are you now going?

In this place, reality meets fantasy. And nothing is quite as it seems.




A childhood passion for drawing and painting.

Eco-Conscious Design

Technical precision applied towards innovative design. Reusable materials, second-hand fabric, no-waste patterns, and other sustainable practices.



Illustration takes living form as wearable art. Photo by Colin Douglas Grey.

All of my work begins with a drawing


To the surprise of my parents, my first language as an infant was to communicate with a pencil on paper. The world has always made the most sense to me through visual expression. While I find myself drawing much less today than I used to, I still rely on sketches and illustrations to convey my ideas to others. 


The illustrations then come alive


Once transferred the fabric, the images take on a new life of their own in the form of a garment. With countless steps between the concept and its realization, it's a surreal moment for me as an artist to experience my own work in motion.